The customary life of the Kazakhstan People: Most Unknown Nation

Kazakhstan is not a country known very well to the people of the western world, and many people have not heard this country either except if you were a student of history. On the other hand, for those who have heard about this country speculate on some things (mostly negative) mainly because they perceive it unsafe due to its geographical location.

However, it is worth to note that there are so many things to learn about Kazakhstan as it is also a favourite destination for people interested in travelling. For the people who speculate Kazakhstan as an unsafe place to visit, you will be surprised to note that it is safer than the USA according to global safety index.


Facts and statistics

Kazakhstan is located in central Asia northwest of China and a few miles west of the Ural River which demarcates the east-most point of Europe. The capital city is Astana, and the country holds a population of around 18 million people. The ethnicity comprises of Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Uygur among other ethnicity.

Islam is the most practiced religion with a large portion of the Russian Orthodox and Protestants. Kazakhstan is a bilingual language with Russian almost spoken by all and Kazakh spoken by most of the population and is the official language of business.


People, culture and Society


The Kazakhs are the minority landowners

The word “Kazakh” is derived from ancient Turkish meaning free and independent nomad. Therefore, these people were on constant travel, and during the attainment of sovereignty in 1991, they did not form the majority of landowners but instead settles on the lower parts of the country. Nowadays, there are efforts to restore the culture of the Kazakhs by naming the majority of the streets, making their language official among other efforts.


Customs and etiquette


Meeting and Greeting people

Kazakhstan is a strictly hierarchical society in nature, and most of the greetings are formal. Muslims being the majority, a man will not shake the hand of a woman so be sensitive to the religion. People of the same sex may shake hands using both hands or hug if their relationship is somewhat close and you wait until you are invited before using someone’s first name. Maintain eye contact and address people according to their surname.

In business, people are addressed according to their importance and academic importance and achievements. Business cards are essential and help someone establish a position of engagement with a significant player in the business. Exchange of business cards is a great ritual, and the business cards should be printed in Russian on one side and English on the other.


Gift Giving

There is no formality in giving gifts, but you need know not to take alcohol to someone’s house owing to the religion. When you are invited to someone’s house, it is polite to take something with you like pastries.



Kazakhs are very hospitable people, and it is a normal thing that when you visit someone’s home, you are served tea and bread as a sign of respect. Table manners are not formal, but some meals are meant to be eaten using the hand.


The Kazakhs are amazing people and have a good culture that one can learn. Their polite nature of welcoming and appreciating guests is very appealing to people who would love to visit because they will feel loved and welcomed. Furthermore, the business culture is also something to consider for potential investors.

The Kazakhs’ cuisine is outstanding and board with a lot of dishes to choose. Surely, Kazakhstan is one of the places you should consider visiting because it provides one of the best experiences in the middle east.